Wake Up A Winner Competition

At A Glance
Prize £10,000 cash
Closing Date 11am daily until 8th June 2023
Question No
Online Entry Yes
Postal Entry No

It’s time to leave the garage behind us and welcome Andi Peters back out into the real world! After all the fun of Free Cash Friday through the pandemic, he’s back with his competition called Wake Up A Winner! It’s back on 2nd June 2023 and will be shown on Good Morning Britain. He’s done similar before with a free competition, but this time is paid (booooooooo!) at £1.50 an entry, but with a bigger prize of £10,000 each day!

He’ll kick off with the winners on Monday 5th September, and will run for all five days during the week on either GMB or Lorraine, culminating on Friday 9th June 2023.

To be in with a shot of winning, you have to identify where Andi is in a photo, and pay your entry fee to complete your entry. If it sounds familiar, that’s because it’s very similar to the recent 12 at 12 competitions running on This Morning.

Wake Up A Winner 2023

The broadcast competitions like the ones on ITV daytime generally cost you up to £2 to enter, but while previous outings of Wake Up A Winner were free to enter, this time it’s £1.50. What’s more, there’s no postal entries to get a free entry either.

After the first competition on Monday 5th June, the remaining four prize draws close at 11am for the following day. As these are paid like 12 at 12, there’s a good chance that they’ll be more regular if they prove popular, but we hope Free Cash Friday will return alongside it as we all love the free entry draws, don’t we?

How To Enter Wake Up A Winner @ itv.com/win

Get your entry between 31st May 2023 at 4pm and 11am open Thursday 8th June by entering online at the itv.com/win website.

You can use a mobile phone, tablet or computer to get your entry, in fact anything with a web browser should do the job. It doesn’t matter if it’s an iPad or Smart TV you use to enter – however you surf the web, get in the draw!

As usual, Andi will give you the details you need on GMB on ITV, but we’ll summarise what you need to know here. For clarity, the full terms and conditions are available on the ITV Win website.

Draw Prize Opens Closes Winner Visit on GMB/Lorraine
7am – 10am
1 £10,000 31/5/23, 4pm 2/6/23, 3pm 5/6/23
2 £10,000 2/6/23, 4pm 5/6/23, 11am 6/6/23
3 £10,000 5/6/23, 12pm 6/6/23, 11am 7/6/23
4 £10,000 6/6/23, 12pm 7/6/23, 11am 8/6/23
5 £10,000 7/6/23, 12pm 8/6/23, 11am 9/6/23

Even though this is not a free entry competition, each account registered on the ITV Win site can enter the Wake Up A Winner competition once, and that’s how you get your chance to win the £10,000.

If you’re new to ITV competitions, you will need to register – it’s really simple, you just need a mobile phone number and they’ll text you a PIN code as your password. It’s a simple way to validate that you have access to the phone number and prevent multiple entries from the same person (unless you’re the sort of person with loads of phones – let’s leave that there though!)

Once you’ve either created an account or signed into your existing account (eg the one you used for Free Cash Friday previously) it’s as simple as finding the Wake Up A Winner entry form and following the instructions. You’ll find it on the ITV Win tab, and at times it will likely be the main one at the top of the page, as with 12 at 12.

Wake Up A Winner Runners Up

At this time there are no prizes for this competition other than the main £10,000 cash prize.

Winners Announcement

Here’s where things deviate a little from the Free Cash Friday that’s run since 2020 – Andi will turn up at the winner’s home address provided on their entry form! That’s why the draws close so much earlier. Last year you could enter up until 7.45am on the day of the draw, whereas this time around it closes on the previous day working day. That means Andi can get in his car and book a hotel room if needed!

With Free Cash Friday, if the winner didn’t answer their phone quickly enough a new winner was selected, so this time around who knows what will happen if they don’t answer the door?

After the winner is surprised by the GMB or Lorraine team, you should find that the winner is announced on the ITV Win Winner’s feed too on the website if you miss it live on TV.