Good Morning Britain Competition

At A Glance
Prize £35,000 and a motorhome
Closing Date 16/05/24, 4PM
Question No
Online Entry Paid
Postal Entry Free

Good Morning Britain is ITV’s breakfast show, fronted by Susanna Reid, Ed Balls, Adil Ray, Kate Garraway, Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher. It mixes general chat and interviews, with items including celebrity gossip and up to the minute news bulletins.

Competition segments tend to feature viewer favourite Andi Peters. It replaced Daybreak on 28th April 2014 (which in turn replaced GMTV in the morning slot back in September 2010).

How It Works

There are prize competitions running on every show, often with a new prize at the beginning of each week. The competitions are usually first shown at just after 6.30am on a Monday morning, and are featured several times throughout the show, and continue through Lorraine Kelly’s chat show which follows from 9am until This Morning at ten.

About The GMB Prize Draw

The competition runs around five times per day across the Good Morning Britain and Lorraine shows. Normally, each draw runs for up to three weeks, and those weeks are not necessarily consecutive. Since the show replaced Daybreak, the competition has not featured a question, instead just requiring the completion of the entry form on the website or posting your details to a provided address.

This Week’s Competition

This week, the competition prize on the show is £35,000 and a motorhome. Take a look at the following video which will give you the information you need to get a free postal entry rather than paying to enter the Good Morning Britain competition (which is also the daily Lorraine prize draw) via premium rate call or text:

How To Enter This Week’s Competition

You can find more GMB competitions (previously known as the Daybreak competition or GMTV competitions) along with the entry method for any other competitions by regularly visiting us. You’ll need to get your entry in for this week’s draw by 16th May 2024 at 4:00pm and you can post it to:

BK 17,
PO Box 7558,
DE1 0NQ.

Last Week’s Good Morning Britain Competition

Last week, the competition prize on the show was £120,000 cash. Here’s the video which corresponds to last week’s Good Morning Britain and Lorraine prize draw:

How To Enter Last Week’s Competition

Learn about the draw in the terms of entry with the free postal entry here. You’ll need to get your entry in for this competition by 23rd May 2024 at 4:00pm, by sending your entry to:

BK 16,
PO Box 7558,
DE1 0NQ.

More On GMB

You can catch the live show every weekday morning on ITV to find out the details on how to enter, or check back here regularly to see the latest breakfast show prize draw. You can find the entry forms for all of the competitions that are currently running on GMB and Lorraine on their websites, which can be found here and here. It’s also worth checking our ITV page which lists all the competitions you can find on the and websites.

There’s new prizes at least every fortnight, and usually weekly in the GMB competitions, and the breakfast show on ITV usually have a large cash prize element, and often an additional part such as a holiday and a car. The cash part can sometimes be an opportunity for your something like your mortgage being paid for a year or two, so it will make a huge difference to your household budget however it’s paid.

There’s also a lot more on the current topics that are being covered on air at the GMB website at Typically this covers each feature as it happens, like coverage of the latest news, sport and weather, and specialist sections by money expert and consumer champion Martin Lewis.

Common Competition Prizes

Regular comp entrants might have noticed that the same prizes tend to come up from time to time. In general you’ll see a good cash prize making up a lot of the value in any given competition, and the bigger comps tend to only give away cash – notable examples over the last few years have included their £500,000 half a million giveaway, as well as big money prizes including the creation of £200,000, £250,000 and £300,000 winners too. In fact, going back a few years to 2015, there was a million pound prize!

Forgetting the really big prizes, more typical cash prizes tend to be five figure sums, and can also include a car like a BMW, Mercedes or Audi, a holiday home on a resort or a really impressive holiday in the sun.

GMB Competition Winners

Generally speaking, ITV competition winners are contacted by phone once the draw has been made and the results are in. Judging by some internet forums, entrants often ask what phone number to look out for ringing them if they’re the winner. Having done a bit of digging, it seems that the number has varied over the years, but rest assured, previous winners have reported that if they missed the call ITV have made several more attempts over the following few days.

You may also have noticed that big winners often get the chance to appear on TV, so there’s other exciting things associated with being a winner too! While the odds of winning any competition might be small given how many people enter, just think about how winning could change your life, and get your entry today – someone has to win, and that lucky winner could be you!