This Morning’s Spin To Win Competition

At A Glance
Prize Usually cash, sometimes prizes
Closing Date 9.30am Monday To Thursday Mornings
Passphrase Yes – click here to view passphrase
Online Entry Free

Who doesn’t love a chance to win some cash for free? We certainly do! This Morning’s daily dose of giveaway fun is Spin To Win, and it runs Monday to Thursday and occasionally on a Friday through school term time. Just like Free Cash Friday on GMB and Lorraine, it’s a great chance to win a prize that’s often worth up to £3,000 if you’re the lucky winner.

Spin To Win works by randomly selecting an entry from all entrants, and presenters call them live on air. Each day’s competition has a ‘Spin To Win Passphrase’ which is essentially a password to play. The selected player must answer their phone quickly and say the pass phrase before they say anything else.

Answering with a ‘Hello’ or anything else other than the specified phrase means they hang up and call the next number. Generally this repeats up to five times until someone answers with the day’s Spin To Win saying.

When you enter the competition on the ITV Win site, you’ll see what you need to say if you’re chosen as a winner and called live on air, so make a note of it. We try to update this page regularly too in case you forget, but we can’t guarantee it’ll be done every day! Feel free to bookmark this page as a fallback though, as it disappears from when the competition closes.

How To Enter The Free Competition

Just like all of the other amazing free prize draws ITV run, there’s no expensive premium rate numbers to call or text, and you don’t even need a stamp like the free entry route for their premium competitions. All you need to do is go to the ITV Win website at and click on the free tab at the top.

You’ll find the Spin To Win entry form listed on that page every day that the competition is running, up until 9.30am while Lorraine is on ITV1. Just click the button to enter, and you can either log in with your mobile phone number and PIN code password or if you’ve not used ITV Win before, enter your number and they’ll send you a PIN code to use via text message. Once you’re logged in, accept the terms and conditions and complete your free entry.

As the magazine show runs from 10am until Loose Women take over at 12.30pm, keep your mobile phone handy in case you’re selected and get your chance to win. Of course, there’s something else you’ll need if your phone does ring – let’s get on to that next!

What Is Today’s Spin To Win Passphrase?

There are a few passphrases that This Morning use for players to say when they answer the phone for Spin To Win, so you’ll need to know which it is for today’s show. If you’ve forgotten, hopefully we’ve updated the page in time for you…

Date Passphrase
Wednesday 29th May 2024 No Game
Tuesday 28th May 2024 No Game
Monday 27th May 2024 No Game
Friday 24th May 2024 No Game
Thursday 23rd May 2024 No Game

What Time Is Spin To Win on This Morning?

The winner is then selected after 9.30am before the competition runs. While most of the time the wheel descends at around midday, the time does vary and sometimes the competition runs more than once during This Morning.

The free competition always seems to appear at the time that they run their paid This Morning competition with a phone number or text message shortcode, which are usually four times per show:

  • Between 10.30am and 11am
  • Around 11.15am
  • Midday
  • 12.15pm

At 9.50am (that’s just after midday) the next day’s draw opens for registration on the ITV website.

How To Play Spin To Win

Once a winner has been selected and said the required phrase, they get to spin the prize wheel.

Until summer 2023, they were asked if they wanted to play on the Wheel or opt to use the tombola balls. Most players seemed to like the wheel, but the chance of winning each prize was the same regardless of the choice. From September 2023, the wheel has been the only option available.

Cash prizes are paid electronically to the winner’s bank account.

Spin The Wheel

When choosing the wheel, it is simply spun and whatever the marker points to when it stops is what they player wins. Most commonly, the wheel is filled with cash prizes, but on occasion some segments are swapped for prizes instead, such as Takeaway Getaways when Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is mid series. Other prizes have included city breaks and energy bills paid.

Tombola Balls

If a player selected the tombola balls instead of the wheel in the earlier format of the game, the drum was rotated and a single ball selected. Each ball was labelled with a prize to match on of the wheel’s segments, and therefore determined the winner’s prize for that competition.

Bonus Prizes

Spin to Win winners also get asked a simple question about something that’s happened on the show that morning. If the player doesn’t know the answer, they’ll usually get some very strong hints, so it’s rare that they don’t get a bonus prize.

The extra prize descends from above – ‘The Bag Of…’ well – you know what. It’s an incredibly old joke now but somehow still gets a laugh. Prizes in the bag have included water bottles, jigsaws, mags and sweets branded to This Morning and other ITV shows.

Upcoming Spin To Win Games & Entry Deadlines

To enter next week’s games, here are the expected opening and closing times for entries:

Game Date Free Entries Open Free Entries Close
Monday 24th June 2024 Thursday at 9.50am* Monday at 9.30am
Tuesday 25th June 2024 Monday at 9.50am Tuesday at 9.30am
Wednesday 26th June 2024 Tuesday at 9.50am Wednesday at 9.30am
Thursday 27th June 2024 Wednesday at 9.50am Thursday at 9.30am
Friday 28th June 2024** Thursday at 9.50am Friday at 9.30am

* If there was a Friday Game the week before, the opening time would be Friday at 9.50am
**Commonly, Spin To Win does not run on a Friday with Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, but when it does, these times apply.

Has Spin To Win Finished?

Spin To Win has usually finished for the day by approximately 12.15pm, but sometimes runs earlier in the show. This usually happens when there’s a big news story that day, such as Budget Day, when the ITV News team take over earlier than the usual This Morning finish time of 12.30pm.

The game also takes a break from time to time, such as during the school holidays. It’s also been known to vanish on occasion during slightly less predictable times. For example, there was a backlash over the decision to offer energy bills being paid as a prize in late summer 2022, which also coincided with the passing of the Queen, so the game disappeared from our screens for a few weeks before returning in October.