Free Cash Friday Competition

At A Glance
Prize £2,000 cash on GMB and on Lorraine
Closing Date 22/07/22, 7:45AM (GMB) / 9:10AM (Lorraine)
Question No
Online Entry Free

Free Cash Friday has been through a few changes since it first aired back on in May 2020. It began life from Andi Peters’ garage when we initially found ourselves unable to leave home, soon becoming a favourite among GMB viewers for generously giving away £3,000 to a lucky viewer each week and regularly going a bit wrong.

That tendency to go pear shaped was often down to people not answering their phone, eventually causing the rules to change to require entrants to answer within three rings in order to be able to win.

While the Free Cash Friday competition doesn’t run every week, it does periodically return every so often for a burst of appearances – usually around five or six weeks at a time.

More recently, winners have been getting a £2,000 prize instead for the earlier £3,000 payout, but in addition it has been added to Lorraine’s show too after GMB, giving viewers two chances to win instead of one each Friday.

All you need to to is enter on the ITV Win website – there’s not even a question to answer!

Free Cash Friday 2022

Most of the channel’s competitions cost money to enter online, however this one’s free. It’s also only available to enter online, so you can’t enter via a phone number, text message or postal entry. You’ll effectively save yourself £2 compared to entering the normal Good Morning Britain competition online.

The competition opens for entries on Wednesdays some weeks in July and August 2022 at 5pm and stays open until 22nd July 2022 at 9:10am. We now know it will return to run on GMB for the summer holidays in 2022, and this time on Lorraine too! So, get your entries in from early evening on Wednesday this week. In the last week of July 2020, it was Andi’s 50th birthday, where we got something a little different, so expect changes from time to time in the format!

How To Enter At

All entries must happen via the ITV win website, as online entry is the only option. You can do that with a computer, tablet like an iPad or mobile phone.

This Good Morning Britain competition and Lorraine prize draw is free to enter by following the instructions that Andi Peters explains on the promotions on the show, which boil down to heading over to the or page, choosing the free competitions section, and choosing the Free Cash Friday competitions to enter.

If you’ve not entered before, you’ll need to create an account with your mobile phone number, and they’ll send a text message containing a four digit code. That code effectively becomes your password to log in, and allows ITV to verify that you really do own (or at least have access to) that phone number.

Once you’ve got your account details, you can sign into the ITV Win system to lodge your entry. For this competition, it’s as simple at providing your name and confirming you accept the terms and conditions of entry and aren’t connected to ITV or STV.

As has more commonly been the case in recent years with ITV competitions without an entry fee there’s no question to answer this time, so unlike the Win O’Clock Quiz that ran on weekdays in 2020, there’s no frustration of hitting the wrong answer!

If you’ve checked out our other competition pages at page, you might recognise some of the other competitions you see once your free entry is complete – just remember to do it before 22nd July 2022 at 9:10am.

Runners Up

There are no runner up prizes this time.

Winners Announcement

Winners of the Free Cash Friday free competition will be called live on GMB and Lorraine live on Friday mornings, at some point after each competition closes for entries. Make sure you answer your phone if Andi calls – if you don’t answer quickly enough or someone else answers you phone, tough luck, they’ll choose another winner.

In recent outings of the comp, the three rings and move on rule has been implemented much more aggressively, thanks to Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh pushing Andi Peters to be harsher on hanging up and moving on! Make sure that your phone is nearby on Friday mornings, as it would be incredibly frustrating to miss the call if you’re the first choice for the £2,000 cash on GMB and on Lorraine and it’s gone to someone else instead!

If you’re lucky enough to be chosen and called on air, there are sometimes extra bonus prizes added too – in the Summer 2022 edition, winners got an extra £100 in supermarket vouchers added to their winnings too.

Generally speaking, ITV also publish the winner’s name on the website’s winners section later in the day.