Ninja Warrior UK Competition

At A Glance
Prize £25,000, electric MG car and a fitbit bundle
Closing Date 10/11/22, 4pm
Question No
Online Entry Paid
Postal Entry Free

Ben Shephard, Chris 'Kammy' Kamara and Rochelle Humes return for the 2018 run of Ninja Warrior UK. With what's being described as the toughest course yet, athletes (in most cases) from across the country challenge themselves to complete the track. Designed (we think) to help the participants trip, fall and dive into water in the most spectacular way possible, Saturday nights promise to be filled with NWUK style entertainment once more!

How It Works

The familiar format of competitions is back too - offering viewers the chance to win some amazing prizes. The contests can be entered by phone (call or text) or online for a fee, but as always, we like the postal entry best to lodge your entry for free.

About The Ninja Warrior Prize Draw

Competitions on Ninja Warrior are open for several weeks, the closing dates can be seen in the table at the top or the details below. For the postal entry, be sure to allow time for your entry to be delivered, as that's got to be before the closing date, not when you post it!

This Week's Competition

In this week's NWUK competition, there's the chance to win £25,000, electric MG car and a fitbit bundle, a truly amazing prize! As always, we've put together one of our videos to summarise the information you need for a free postal entry to count, rather than paying for a phone call, text or even entering online.

How To Enter This Week's Competition

Each week, you'll find this site updated to include the latest prizes and how to enter. This week's competition closes on 10th November 2022 at 4pm, so send your entry as soon as possible to:

NW 22,
PO Box 7558,
DE1 0NQ.

More On Ninja Warrior UK

From mid-September, Ninja Warrior will appear on ITV1 late on Saturday afternoons, and the series runs until the winter. If further competitions run, we'll update the site in due course! You can find more competitions on our ITV page here.