Andi’s 50 For 50 Competition

At A Glance
Prize £100 cash for 50 people!
Closing Date Thursday 30th July 2020, 10.30am
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Online Entry Free

Happy Birthday to Andi,
Happy Birthday to Andi,
Happy Birthday to Andi Peters,
Happy Birthday to the King of Cash!

Guess who’s turning 50? Yes, Mr Peters is marking his half century with another free competition! This week, the man who’s been gracing our screens with Free Cash Friday cash prizes of £3,000 for the last three months is mixing it up by giving away £100 to fifty lucky winners this week!

You don’t need to answer a question, you just need to get in the draw on the ITV website!

Andi’s £100 for 50 Competition 2020

As it’s free, this one can be entered online at for free. That means there’s no phone calls or texts to pay for, and you don’t need to go to the trouble of posting your entry to be ‘in it to win it’.

The competition is already open as we add this page, so there’s no need to wait – you can get in the draw right now. It stays open until this Thursday (30th July) at 10.30am when the entry door slams shut.

How To Enter Andi’s 50th Birthday Competition at

You need to head over to ITV Win (or in Scotland), and log into your account if you’ve already got one with your mobile number and ITV Win PIN code. If you’ve not already got one, or have forgotten them, just sign up and your pass code will be sent to you via text within a few minutes.

You don’t have to complete the entry on a mobile phone, you just need a phone number to sign up with, so anything including a computer, iPad or mobile phone is fine.

You can find the terms and conditions if you want to read them by clicking on the link on the entry form, but in a nutshell, this is a freebie comp, so why wouldn’t you want to take part?

Anyone who is 18 or over that has a mobile phone number can enter, unless you or a relative work for ITV or STV. Sorry Andi, that means no £100 prize for you.

You can also find the details of other competition from ITV on our website here, you might recognise some of the other competitions you see once your free entry is complete – just remember to do it before Thursday morning at 10.30. No doubt Andi will be shouting about his new winners club members on Friday – and so he should!

Runners Up

As this competition has fifty winners, we need no runners up.

Winners Announcement

If you’re a lucky winner, the £100 prize will land in your account along with that of 49 others after the draw is complete. Entries, as you would expect, will be randomly drawn to select the lucky 50.