Loose Women Competition

Loose Women is the lunchtime ITV show which follows This Morning for most of the year and airs from 12.30pm until 1.30pm, except through the school summer holidays when Gino and Mel take over with Let’s Do Lunch.

They have a small number of regular panellists that rotate to present the show, four at a time. It’s a consistent place to enter to win prizes – virtually every week there’s new Loose Women competitions giving away an impressive cash sum or high value prize.

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Until recently, you could enter for free at itv.com, but they’re currently using a postal entry for the lunchtime prize draw instead. You can learn more about the competitions on Loose Women in the following video:

Loose Women CompetitionThis week’s prize is £10,000 cash and a holiday home! You can find the Loose Women Competition Question here, or find the entry form on the Loose Women website at itv.com here.

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