Jeremy Kyle Competition

At A Glance
Prize £30,000, Manchester stay and JK Show tickets
Closing Date 26/10/2017, 5pm
Question No
Online Entry Paid
Postal Entry Free

Every weekday morning, Jeremy Kyle is famous for bringing us his ITV show, full of arguments and disagreements between his guests. Whether it’s about stolen money or property, disputed parental responsibility, reuniting long lost relatives or anything else that borders on unbelievable, there’s never a dull Jeremy Kyle Show!

It’s the show that few admit to watching, yet many secretly find themselves engrossed in. Now, you can join in with the current Jeremy Kyle competition!

Jeremy Kyle Show Competition

There a very unusual prize up for grabs with the JK show prize draw, meaning that you could be the winner of £30,000, Manchester stay and JK Show tickets.

What’s more, while you can join in the fun by calling or texting the premium numbers (or using the web entry with PayPal), there’s also a free entry available too via post. Here’s a summary of the details in the following video…

About The Jeremy Kyle Draw

The weekly featured competition on this week’s show is running throughout the series over a number of weeks. While there’s a big cash sum on offer, as is so common with ITV Comps, it’s the rest of the prize that’s so special.

How To Enter The Competition

While there’s multiple entry routes as usual, as always we prefer the free one! That means sending a postcard to the address below, with your name and phone number written on the reverse. It needs to arrive before the closing date, which for this draw is 26th October 2017 at 5pm. There’s also premium rate entries available, via phone, text and online, and you can see more draws like this on our competitions page which offer free online entry for a fee. Here’s the address to send your entry to:

PO Box 7558,
DE1 0NQ.

So that’s how to get your chance to win £30,000, Manchester stay and JK Show tickets with the Jeremy Kyle Show, best of luck from all of us at Enter Competitions Online. Once you’ve got your entry, you can sit back and enjoy the fireworks on Jeremy’s morning show!